Help a 10-year-old boy go back to school

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Hridoy lives in Amtola village of Barguna. Despite the lack of resources, he stood second in his class. His mother says he is quite brilliant for his age. He loves to study, and his mother is very happy about it. He loves to play cricket as well. His favorite player is Tamim Iqbal.

His father had a boat. Hridoy often went to boat trips with his father. He liked watching his village from the distance. His father wants him to be someone great someday – maybe a doctor or an engineer. But Hridoy wants to be like Tamim Iqbal.

Last year just before his exams, Hridoy became sick. Doctors said that his body is losing blood rapidly. He suffers from frequent fevers as well. He has been very sick for the last five months and now he is in Dhaka Medical College Hospital. His father had to sell his boat for his treatment. But Hridoy still hasn’t recovered yet. He couldn’t attend his exams. He misses playing cricket too.

Doctors have prescribed a few injections which may help Hridoy produce new blood. The injections will cost him 6000 taka. Please contact us if you want to help Hridoy or want more information.

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