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Swapna is 32 years old. She lives in Kishoreganj with her family. She used to work as a maid to support her family of five. Her husband Badol sells toys for children and occasionally chanachur as well. That’s how they used to run their family.

One day while cooking, Swapna started feeling a minor discomfort in her legs. Her husband took her to see a local doctor but he couldn’t help much. This was six months ago.

Over time that minor discomfort in her legs turned out to be something Swapna could never imagine. Now Swapna cannot feel her legs anymore. After several tests, doctors have found out that the problem is actually in her spinal cord. For the last one month she has been in Dhaka Medical College Hospital for her treatment. Since her husband is there to help her with everything, he can’t earn anymore. Their children have been living with their grandmother. Neither Badol nor Swapna has seen their children in a month.

Swapna needs 1500 taka to afford the medicines which the doctors prescribed. The doctors aren’t sure when she’ll get better but they are trying their best so that Swapna can walk again. Please let us know if you want to help.

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