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Anik is the eldest son of his parents. When he was born, he brought immense happiness to his entire family. But their happiness didn’t last long. At the age of 6, Anik fell sick. He was taken to a local doctor and got treated. But it was not all. Since then, Anik was constantly falling sick and going through immense pain at such an early age. After some years, he went through a stomach operation but it was of no help too.
Anik is now 22 years old. All these years, he struggled with diseases and passed the most important years of his life in hospital beds. His father is a tailor and mother is a housewife. It has become very hard on the part of Anik’s parents to manage his treatment cost alongside the family expenditure with such a small amount of income.

Anik needs a few tests costing Tk. 1000, which will help the doctors assess his condition. Let us know if you want to help Anik.

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