How Aroggo Works

Aroggo has developed a sophisticated process to make sure its work process is effective, transparent, and reliable.

Step One: Doctors Refer Patients to Aroggo

Many generous people do not respond to call for medical help because they cannot be certain if the patient is fake or real. In order to ensure that there are no fake patients in our list, we do not take any patients without a doctor’s referral.

Steo Two: Aroggo Conducts Financial Verification

After doctors refer the patient, we speak to the patient and his/her attendants to rigorously verify their financial needs. If we find out that they cannot afford treatment, we explain to them how Aroggo works and ask them for permission to share their story with the world.

Step Three: Our Storytellers Write Patient Stories

Once medical and financial verifications are done, we send details about the patient to our Storytellers, who write stories. We publish these stories on our Facebook page and website to raise funds. If there are any emergency patients, we fund their treatment from our emergency fund before publishing their stories.

Step Four: Donors Come Forward to Fund Lifesaving Treatment

Donors send money via bKash, PayPal or in person. Every donor receives an acknowledgment email from us about their donation. If anyone wants to donate a big amount of money, we send our team members to collect cheques as well.

Step Five: Aroggo Hands Over the Money

Aroggo visits the patient at the hospital to hand over the money and or medicine. We request the patient to sign an acknowledgment paper to ensure transparency.